The Art of Fruit & Vegetable Carving - Jimmy Zhang / Meyve & Sebze Oyma Sanatı - Jimmy Zhang

Ordinary carrots become parrots in a sculpture by Jimmy Zhang, a chef and produce artist / Sıradan havuç Jimmy Zhang'in sanatında bir heykel papağan olmaktadır.

Culinary Carving Art Demonstration with Jimmy Zhang / Jimmy Zhang ile Mutfak oyma sanatı gösterimi

Presenting the art of carving fruits and vegetables. / meyve ve sebze oymacılığı sanatının tanıtılması.

Jimmy Zhang, who is regarded as a master of this kind of art, transformed taro root into rats’ joy

Jimmy Zhang, transformed taro root into a stallion. Jicama, daikon, rutabaga and taro are favored for carving three-dimensional figures because they are firm and don’t brown


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